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Law Offices of Thomas J. Canavan

Brockton attorney Thomas J. Canavan has assisted a great number people over the past 30 years to find resolution in their family immigration, bankruptcy, and estate planning struggles.

Through his careful, communicative approach to legal representation, Attorney Canavan guides his clients through the complex circumstances facing people with immigration questions, financial difficulties, and arranging for your financial future. It is due to this diligence and care that clients remain with Thomas Canavan for years after resolving their initial cases, continuing to retain him for other matters.


The Law Office of Attorney Thomas J. Canavan can assist you in resolving a number of legal issues, including:

Law Offices of Thomas J. Canavan


When the law and finances mix, you can find yourself struggling to stay afloat amidst the sea of paperwork, complex processes...

Law Offices of Thomas J. Canavan

Immigration & Deportation

Thomas J. Canavan can help you at any stage of the immigration & naturalization process, whether you need to reunite with family...

Law Offices of Thomas J. Canavan

Tax Law

Tax law attorney Thomas J. Canavan has counseled many people over the past 30 years in the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy...


Whether your family member is facing deportation, your debt has pushed you towards bankruptcy, you’re fighting the IRS in court, or it’s time to write a will, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process, one who has been successful in helping others navigate these same situations.

Attorney Thomas J. Canavan has been practicing across several areas of law for more than 30 years. He understands that legal matters can be overwhelming and confusing, and takes all the time to explain what you can expect and what is required, so you can better understand and address the issues at hand.

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